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"I see myself as a model of my profession, quite literally - I believe one should always look good, or look one's best, and I do my best to take care of this image of mine."


Jessie Ong

Leading Stylist


Jessie Ong - Leading Stylist

Jessie Ong

Leading Stylist


Meet Jessie Ong - classy lady, polished, posh, always stylishly dressed and never a strand of hair out of place. But beneath that apparently distant, icy-cool demeanor is a warm personality that connects readily with anybody, regardless of dress or hairstyle.

Her Salon Experience

Jessie has more than 20 years of experience in the hair industry. She has worked in practically all types of salons, from neighbourhood salons to upmarket settings such as her current position at THE salon. The varied experience has provided her with invaluable insights into understanding the needs of people from all walks of life and helps her respond to individuals on a very personal level.

Early Days

"I was always fascinated by beauty and even as a little girl I would attempt to style my hair," says Jessie, who is a picture of elegance. "I was . vain," she admits humbly. So, straight after leaving school, she went into the beauty business.

A Beautiful Impression, A Model Professional

Jessie considers herself a model of her profession, and she does this with modesty. "I'm in the beauty business," she explains. "I find it such a joy to make people look good and it is important that I project a well-kept image," she adds. "People come to me to look beautiful. Wouldn't it inspire more confidence if I look good? My advice to clients is that they should maintain their hair well: Visit the salon every three or four weeks, keep yourself beautiful, always be well-groomed, and I take my own advice seriously. No-one would take me seriously otherwise!"

Jessie is always in the forefront of the latest developments in the hairstyling profession. She had rebonded hair way before many people even heard about the phenomenon, she says.

Celebrity Connections

In her younger days, Jessie was a part-time model, too. She remembers fondly being with "big sister" Zoe Tay on photography assignments for hair and face.

"That was in my younger days," she says, her eyes lighting up. "Let the younger ones have a chance now!"

Her Secret

Well-tanned, slim and very fit looking, you'd think Jessie adheres to a strict outdoor-sport regimen coupled with an intensive workout in the gym. Far from it, she says. "I don't even know how to swim!" she says.

But she'd go to a secret beach location once a week to keep that healthy tan of hers. "That's about the only sport I do," she adds. And she has never worked out in a gym!

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