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"There is beauty in seeing someone becoming beautiful,
after I have worked on his or her hair"


Jane Tien

Leading Stylist


Jane Tien - Leading Stylist

Jane Tien

Leading Stylist

Her Salon Experience

Jane considers herself an "accidental hairstylist" because the idea of being one never came to her originally. It was by sheer luck that her cousin's husband, a photographer, recognized her creative flair and recommended that she pursue a career as a hairstylist at THE salon.

She has since had ten years of experience and more than eight years as a hairstylist with THE salon and is enjoying every moment of the pleasure it brings.

Head for Short Hair

One thing that Jane speaks very passionately about is her preference for working with short hair.

"Long hair is just that - long hair. You can trim it, color it, perm it, straighten it... but it is still long hair. I love working short hair because of the challenges that it presents. You can do so much more, create so many different looks with short hair," she says. 

Her Clients

It is no surprise then that, considering her passion for short hair and the prevailing style of that gender, many of her clients are men. But perhaps much more than her love for short hair. it is the results of her work that keeps them coming back.

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