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"After my hairdresser gave me a bad perm, I decided to take matters into my own hands….literally!"


Eddy Wong

Operations Director


Eddy Wong - Operations Director

Eddy Wong

General Manager &

Operations Director

THE salon Experience

Eddy started out as an apprentice some 15 years ago – not bad, huh?

Learning the Craft

After a disastrous experience at the hands of his hairdresser convinced Eddy that he just might be able to do a better job himself, he immersed himself for a full 9 months of training in London, and learnt about hairstyling at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Hair Academy and Toni & Guys

Area of Expertise

Multi-talented Eddy enjoys all areas of hair-dressing – from coloring to cutting.. and then some!

Hair Highs

Eddy once spent 2 months in Bombay, India, for a hair seminar. "It was so inspiring", he says. "In spite of the fact that Indian women don’t really like short hair, we managed to get over 5,000 people to come to the show, anyhow!"

His Toughest Client?

Eddy’s Wife enjoys the title of being her husband’s toughest –as well as most favorite- client! "I love cutting her hair," he says, "but she only gives me, like, 5 minutes to get the whole job done…. From cutting to styling! That’s really tricky!"

You’d Never Guess….

… that he’s actually a qualified Electrical and Mechanical Technician!

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