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Just as a diamond in the rough cannot achieve its full potential without the polishing of a master jeweler, and a canvas is little more than a plain sheet of cloth until the painter paints a beautiful picture, a beautiful work requires an artists' touch to achieve a certain level of beauty that is appreciated by others.

Here at THE salon our team of artistic stylists has dedicated themselves to living, breathing and learning the art that is hair-styling. Bursting with passion for their craft, our team possess an incredible amount of skill that must be experienced to be believed! From gifted young proteges to experienced Masters, from those who prefer one aspect of the creative process to those who enjoy providing the customer with the complete styling experience, whatever your preference, we know we have a stylist that's just right for you.

Eddy Wong
Multi-talented Eddy enjoys all areas of hair-dressing - from coloring to cutting.. and then some! Eddie once spent 2 months in Bombay, India, for a hair seminar. "It was so inspiring", he says. "In spite of the fact that Indian women don't really like short hair, we managed to get over 5000 people to come to the show".
Jen Teo
Jen was awarded the prestigious Golden Scissors Award. What's more, Jen also went on to be awarded the Overall Champion in the hair category that evening! In that same month, she also represented Singapore in an Asian Hair Competition in Korea, held in conjunction with a prestigious Hair Fair that was staged at their Indoor Stadium.
Alice Gan
Alice received her formal grounding in hairstyling techniques in London, and even enjoyed several short courses in Italy and Germany before returning to Singapore to hone her skills. Alice was awarded the prestigious Young Protege Award (1993). This award is presented to the most talented up-and-coming hairstylist of the year. Alice was also placed within the top ten award winners for the Bridal Styling Gala Show.
Kane Choo
Kane single-handedly dispels the notion that good hairstylists require an early headstart in the business - this late bloomer started in his late twenties! Having trained at Tony & Guy in London, Kane also attended London's L'Oreal Academy for advanced coloring studies.
Nicky Cheah
Nicky began hairdressing a little over 20 years ago, after a short stint at his home-town hairdressing salon convinced him that this was the career for him. A huge fan of the thriving London fashion scene. Nicky's not just trained there once or twice, but an amazing four times! "There's just so much unbelievable energy coming out of London - the creative vibes are just amazing!"
Zelda Kong
For a firm foundation in all aspects of hairstyling, Zelda trained at Toni & Guy in London not just in hair cutting, but in coloring as well. Her styling of boyband Boyzone would certainly drive teen fans green with envy! Not only is Zelda involved in the hairstyling of major assignments for both local and foreign fashion magazines, she is also responsible for the make-up as well.
Jane Tien
Jane is modest yet approachable, and appears to be paying intense attention to her craft while she is at it. It is, after all, what gives her satisfaction, she says. "There is beauty in seeing someone becoming beautiful, after I have worked on his or her hair!" she says.
Jessie Ong
Jessie - classy lady, polished, posh, always stylishly dressed and never a strand of hair out of place. "I'm in the beauty business" she explains. "I find it such a joy to make people look good and it is important that I project a well-kept image," she adds. "People come to me to look beautiful. Wouldn't it inspire more confidence if I look good?"
Joanne Goh
Below that quiet, shy demeanor, Joanne is a woman determined to make you as beautiful as she possibly can. The best part about this is that this determination and intensity is tempered by her understanding of hair and her clients' needs, their comfort. Having trained as a hairstylist, she worked her way up the ranks - from doing straightforward tasks like shampooing to coloring, cutting and of course, styling.
Susan Ang
In addition to the list of duties at THE Salon, Susan is involved in doing make-up for the salon's in-house photo shoots and her regular clients. She has also had the opportunity to work on local and overseas celebrities such as Kym Ng, Lisa Ang, Christy Chung etc.
May Chek
The pretty unassuming May has interest in beauty & hair since she was young and determine to join hair industry as her career path to be independent when she realized her lack in higher education … she decided to start work very young in hair salon starting from stretch and trained her way up to be a skill hair technician …she has worked in The Salon for 19 years …
Joan Chew
Joan has been working for more than five years at The salon. Joan is polite and helpful. She is married and enjoys her off days with her children.

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