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Rebonding Ion Relaxer

Straight as an Arrow!

When it comes achieving perfectly straight hair without having to compromise on shine, the revolutionary Ion Relaxer hits the target when it comes to getting it straight! As one of the first salons in Asia to introduce this technique, the trained technicians at THE salon combine the use of the Straight Flat Hair Iron with a specially formulated relaxing solution for an end result that is nothing short of stunning.

It sounds too good to be true…..

Well, don’t take our word for it – scroll down to find out more about what these lovely ladies have to say about the process now that they've experienced the Ion Relaxer!

Ion Relaxer - Cass

"It’s wonderful! My hair looks great and glossy without any effort at all! It’s also in really good condition – what more could I ask for?"

- Cass, Model

Ion Relaxer - Janice Leong
Janice Leong

"Not only is my hair straight, but it’s in better condition than ever before. It’s super soft and there’s no more breaking. This is a great product!"

- Janice Leong, Model

Ion Relaxer - Michelle

"This is fantastic – my hair is so easy to deal with! I used to hate to have to blow my hair straight, but now I don’t even have to blow my hair at all!"

- Michelle, Model

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