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The following is a list of other websites. Some also assisted in the development of THE salon's website. You could find these sites interesting and useful depending on your interests and needs. (See the tag list below each link.)

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Android Newbie

Lots of useful tips and information about both mobile and non-mobile Android devices.
A growing storehouse of information for anyone setting up a new or used mobile device.
Many projects demonstrating ways to get more from your Android device.

(Tags: Android, Mobile Devices, Technical, Project, How To)

Linux - A New Beginning

Possible ways of setting up a Small Office or Home Linux environment.
A growing base of information for anyone setting up a Linux environment.
Many tutorials and hands-on practical examples.

(Tags: Linux, Software, Computers, Technical, Tiny Core, Tutorials, How To, Ubuntu)

Uncovered Treasures

In order for the new to come ... you have to release the past It is time to let go all emotional and physical baggage to live a light and simple life in detachment ...to create a space for new experiences and a true purposeful life now!

(Tags: Antiques, Collections, Crystals, Jade, Jewelry)

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